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Kizantei HotelFacilities

Tenryo Hita.
The interior exudes a nostalgic atmosphere as well as the charm of olden days.

Various facilities and services are available at the hotel so that you can enjoy our comfortable accommodations to the fullest. We welcome all visitors with the same hospitality we have been known for since our beginning.


Large lobby on the first floor.
A relaxing, wide-open space.

Visit the gallery featuring works by woodblock printer Shiko Munakata, have a look at the artworks that are exhibited in the lobby, or enjoy a game of shogi or go. Coffee, black tea, shiitake mushroom tea, plum kelp tea, as well as daily health tea recommendations such as onion tea or neem tea are available at the free drink corner.

daily health tea free drink corner
a foot bath
a foot bath

Café terrace with a foot bath on the first floor.

A café terrace that features a foot bath with a large turtle ornament can be found on the first floor. Change into a yukata, and gaze at the changing expressions of the Mikuma River as you soak your feet.

Souvenir shop

The souvenir shop has a wide selection of products, including many items that are only found in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu, unconventionally shaped Japanese-style cookies from Tenryo Hita, as well as other local items from Hita. Make sure to stop by if you plan on buying souvenirs.

Other Facilities and Services

  • Colorful yukata rental and dressing service (additional charge)
    Yukatas with stylish color arrangements are also available for men.

    Colorful Yukata Rental and Dressing Service (additional charge)

    Many colorful yukatas as well as wooden clogs are available for rental to our overnight guests. We also offer a dressing service (300 yen).
    Yukatas with stylish color arrangements are also available for men.

  • 1F Free Drink

    1F Free Drink Corner

    Coffee, black tea, shiitake mushroom tea, plum kelp tea, onion tea, neem tea, as well as different health teas are available to all our overnight guests at the free drink corner on the first floor. You are also welcome to take your drink back to your room.

  • 1F One Coin Bar (\500)

    Sake, snacks, ice cream, etc., are also available in the lobby on the first floor for 500 yen. Various cocktails, beer, Japanese sake, etc., can be purchased at a self-service corner.

  • Vending machines and massage chairs (additional charge) on the eighth floor

    8F Vending Machines and Massage Chairs (additional charge)

    Next to the large bath is a room equipped with vending machines, massage chairs, a television, and sofas, where you are welcome to relax after taking a bath.

  • The parking lot

    Parking Lot

    The parking lot can accommodate 40 cars and five large buses. Guests coming by car to Kizantei Hotel are welcome to use it.

  • Charging station for electric vehicles

    Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

    A charging station for electric vehicles is available 24 hours a day, not only to our guests, but to anyone who may need to use it.

Houseboat Cruises

Great seasonal entertainment since the Tenryo era: Suigo Hita’s cormorant fishing and houseboats.

Houseboats and cormorant fishing are elegant forms of river entertainment that boast a long history. They were once considered as one of the finest pastimes by the prefectural governors in the Tenryo era.
In the summer, cormorant fishing can be watched while enjoying a banquet on a houseboat that can accommodate between two and forty people.Come watch the skills of the fishermen, who use cormorants and the glow of flames to catch fish, and experience a memorable moment on a lively houseboat. (May 20 to October 31)

Houseboat & Sightseeing