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Kizantei HotelAbout Kizantei Hotel

The scenic beauty of the Mikuma River in Tenryo Hita has welcomed generations of travelers.

Nature is on the doorstep of Hita. The fine produce grown in the rich environment the area is blessed with makes one want to undertake the journey to Hita. The glorious past of the thriving town that was once known as the little Kyoto of Kyushu can also be felt through the various events that are held year-round. Come experience a place like no other.

Tenryo Hita and Suigo Hita

The culture fostered by the blessings and history of the famous water source as well as the traditions established by our predecessors now fascinate people both in Japan and abroad.

Kizantei Hotel was founded more than 140 years ago as a restaurant and has been welcoming customers on the bank of the Mikuma River for over 65 years as a hotel with its hot spring as well as the scenery and delicacies of the four seasons of Suigo Hita, a riverside district richly endowed with nature. Come spend a blissful moment that can only be enjoyed here.

hita hita hanabi

Suigo Hita: a town that developed amid mountains, forests, and abundant water

Hita has been called "Suigo Hita" from ancient times as it is surrounded by mountains from which clear streams flow down. The Mikuma River is emblematic of Kizantei Hotel. It flows directly in front of the hotel from the Hita Basin to the Chikugo River before finally reaching the Ariake Sea. The traditions and culture of the town, which have shaped Hita’s current appeal, can certainly be traced back to the river. There are many brewers in Hita City because of the quality of its water. The sake they produce only exists because of the famous springs that flow through Hita. The town is also known to be a unique spot for sake enthusiasts. The Museum of Whiskey in Hita also displays many exhibits related to the NHK morning drama series "Massan."

Hita Gion Matsuri Festival: a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage

Several seasonal events are held in Hita. The Tenryo Hita Hina Matsuri Festival welcomes the arrival of spring, and a festival is held in the summer to mark the beginning of the boating season. The Hita Gion Matsuri Festival, an intangible cultural heritage, features elaborate festival floats more than 10 meters in height. It dates back some 300 years and recounts the traditions of the land. Autumn welcomes the Hita Tenryo Matsuri Festival as well as Sennen Akari. The charm of Hita in late autumn can be strongly felt in these elegant and ephemeral events.

The Hospitality of Hita's Residents

The hospitality of Hita’s residents feels just like when one returns home.

Since ancient times, Hita flourished as a center of trade and transportation. It has welcomed countless travelers. It may not be showy, but it still greets travelers with a simple and heartfelt hospitality no other place can offer.

A taste of the seasons cultivated from Hita’s water and land.

Chefs gather where clean and tasty water is found, believing that delicious dishes will attract customers. Hita’s pure water is used to cook rice, grow vegetables, and raise sweetfish and eels. It is also used to produce delicious sake. Hita’s cuisine uses the freshest of produce to bring the seasons to your plate.

Hita’s lights. Come to see the reddish-purple sky and the light of the torches on the river.

As the sky grows darker at dusk, the reddish and purple colors of the evening sky are reflected onto the Mikuma River and the houseboats gliding along it. Darkness settles in, and the torches on the cormorant fishing boats start lighting to catch sweetfish, another typical attraction of Hita. Hita still warms the hearts of travelers with its lights.