Privacy Policy

Our company has established the following handling criteria in order to pay utmost attention regarding guest privacy and personal information (hereafter referred to as “personal information”), to protect our customers personal information.

Kizantei Hotel Personal Information Handling Criteria

1 At our company, in order to receive services, you may tell us your personal information. Personal information will be managed in an appropriate manner abiding by laws and regulations utilized in the scope of collection purposes and will not give information to third parties unless prior consent is given.
2 If the management of your personal information is entrusted to our company, we have safety measures in place in accordance with our obligatory contract to our guests in the event of loss of personal information due to unauthorized access, tampering, leaks etc.
3 We can disclose personal information to customers who have been registered with our company after a predetermined set of procedures can determine your identity.
4 The personal information we possess is maintained by initiatives and protection activities in each of the above items as well as compliance with the Code of Conduct and laws and regulations which we will continue to improve upon.

Request to Customers

We are not responsible for ensuring the security of your personal information on other websites linked to our website operated by our company. We will attain the contents of handling standards concerning protection of personal information on our website other than our company and check directly if you do not have handling criteria etc, so that you can ensure safety at your own risk We recommend.
We will attain other websites’ handling practices with regard to protecting personal information, however, to ensure your safety we recommend that you check directly with us regarding the other website.
Regarding our privacy policy, we will notify you on this website if there are any important changes to this policy.
For other changes, please be sure to check this website as information may change suddenly and without advanced notice. We are not responsible for any trouble caused by unconfirmed matters, so please understand in advance.

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