Appreciation of the cormorant fishing

-From May 20 to late October-


First of all

The Kizantei Hotel,
Ryotei Kizantei, began 140 years ago,
now located on the Mikuma River banks.
Enjoy the elegant taste of the four seasons of
old Japan while enjoying the still lively Hita.
Our hope is that you can do away with your stress and enjoy.

Kizantei Hotel History

Guest Room

Each room has a calm relaxing Japanese style.
Watching from the window, you can witness the beautiful seasons changing of Mikuma River and with the utmost sincere hospitality,
will make you feel the full spectacle of your trip.


The sounds of Mikuma River flowing elegantly and magnificently through Hita, you can enjoy the streets of times of season cuisine.
Please try the chef's superb skills passed down from the former restaurant of the past.

Hot Spring Area

Kizantei hot spring overlooks the calm stream of the Mikuma River.
Relax with a beautiful sunset in the warm water.

Event Services

Many people of elegance have fallen in love with the charming town of Hita.
You can also enjoy events from season to season.


If you are traveling by car:
Travel times vary based on traffic of the day and are approximations

If you are traveling by car:
travel times are approximation based on the current time table.

Kuma 1-3-10 Hita, Oita Prefecture 877-0044

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